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Lousy Bang is an up + coming Richmond-local garage band made up of two members: Marge Lingenfelter + Kate Kistler

CHALLENGE: Conduct a passion project on whatever I want. 


I chose to help Lousy Bang determine their brand, put out music, + make themselves known.

EXECUTION: I conducted a Meet-The-Band interview, determined what Lousy Bang's "brand" is, set up their first recording, collaborated on their first Single Cover, designed + mocked up potential march, + helped them prepare for + advertise their upcoming concert through social media

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 8.45.29 PM.png



Call Me By Your Name is book that was adapted into a movie about two young men who find themselves in a summer of love in Italy 1983.

CHALLENGE: Redesign a movie poster using original art + photography

EXECUTION: I used two important scenes from the movie as the main focus of the poster: the broken sculpture arm + the peach. I then used an image I took in the same region of Italy that the story was set in as the background

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 11.52.22


CHALLENGE: Redesign the cover from a music album using original art + photography


I chose to redesign Milky Chance's Sadnecessary cover, because I think it is a great album + the title is a word that they made up, which I find really interesting. 

SADNECCESARY: to dance the pain away

EXECUTION: Using a projector, I projected "SADNECESSARY" repeatedly over my friend standing alone in order to create the front cover with the title. I then projected it over he + my other friend "dancing the pain away" in order to create the back cover. I blended the song titles in with the projectd type + manipulated them over an image I took overlooking a cliff

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