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Friendly Circle


Richmond YPQI (Youth Program Quality Intervention) is a collaborative initiative that works with youth programs to improve safety, instructional quality, youth engagement, and youth empowerment through assessment and training.



24 Hours


Myself, Julia Boyd, Bailey Browning


Team Leader, Visual Design, Strategy


Illustrator, Photoshop


I was asked to be a team leader for VCU's 24 hour Createathon event. Leading up to the big event, I worked with my nonprofit client, Richmond YPQI, to determine their greatest need. On the day of the event, I briefed my team before we set out on our 24 hour challenge. 


Develop a set of Brand Standards, Communication Guidelines, and a logo in only 24 hours!


YPQI operates under VCU and United Way. This has made it difficult for them to find their own, individual voice.


How can YPQI stand out while still adhering to both organizations' guidelines?


Rebrand YPQI as a positive, community movement.

Create a consistent identity and voice to represent YPQI through the use of online tools and promotional techniques.


Color + Typography

YPQI final logo.png

Starting from scratch, we designed a simple, eye catching logo that includes the brand colors of YPQI's umbrella organizations, United Way and the VCU Mary Frances Youth Center

ypqi colors.png



YPQI mockup scene copy.png

Through the use of online tools and promotional techniques,

we can expand the YPQI movement to its fullest potential.

Window Signage Mockup.jpg

Through all of their hard work, YPQI has created a positive movement across youth programs in the greater Richmond area by working with them to have the best programs possible, which ultimately shapes our future generations.


So we created a YPQI seal of approval for youth programs to proudly display on their front doors after they've been "YPQ'd".

One of our goals was to create a website just for YPQI, because they could only be found through linked pages on their umbrella organizations' websites.


So, we designed a simple, easy to use site that is centered around the "Get YPQ'd" movement.

ypqi laptop mockup.png
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