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Creating an awareness campaign that shows technologists that Capital One is a company using emerging technology to transform banking.




Illustrator, After Effects 


Madeline Honig, Sabrina Rivera, Lianne Boxley, Heaven Jones


Capital One is a leading bank and credit card company serving millions of ​customers, and they're on a mission to change banking for good. To do that, they have moved entirely to cloud computing, transformed their data ecosystem from the ground up, and are building software like a tech company.


Technologists believe that banks are where good tech goes to die

Banks have a reputation in the tech space of being stuffy and technologically antiquated. Capital One wants to be recognized as a leader in tech among finserv companies without shying away from their enterprise brand or the fact that they are, indeed, a bank.


Show how Capital One breaks convention to make progress

Unlike the majority of other banks in their category, Capital One has made unconventional contributions to the forward movement of technology. They are the first bank to go all in on the cloud, one of the only banks making open source code available, they built data management structures in the cloud to sell to other companies and support associates continued learning through their Tech College Program.


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Reach technologists where they already spend time in a language they understand 


The Tech Community and Gaming Community are closely intertwined. Their skills and interests often overlap, and they spend their time on the same platforms for not only work and pleasure, but also for personal growth and continued learning. 


We are by no means technologists or gamers, so in order to reach them, we had to learn their language.

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Gaming definitions


Save point:

a specific physical location within a game where you can save and access your game files

Suspend Save:

the ability to save from anywhere in a game rather than a specific area/point


non-player character; computer generated characters that are often repetitive and have a set dialogue 

Tech definitions


Open Source:

code that is designed to be publicly accessible—anyone can see, modify, and distribute the code as they see fit.

Cloud Computing:

the delivery of services through the Internet, including data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

the ability of a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence and decision making skills.


Machine Learning (ML):

the use and development of computer systems that are able to learn and adapt by using algorithms and statistical models to analyze and draw inferences from patterns in data.

Youtube Pre-Rolls

Youtube is a place where technologists regularly spend their time by subscribing to channels related to their industry and hobbies. As a team, we came up with three 30 sec Youtube pre-roll ads that I designed and animated to show how Capital One benefits technologists through innovative tech.  

Open Source

Cloud Data

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Reddit AMA

Reddit is a great resource for technologists/gamers to find community and support. Capital One can host a Reddit AMA to give technologists a chance to hear directly about the company's tech innovations and the journeys taken behind the scenes.  

cap one - reddit ama.png

Twitch Hackathon

Capital One can partner with several coding/programming Twitch streamers to create a Hackathon streaming event. Each streamer would either participate solo or gather a small group. They would receive a sponsorship for a 5 hour stream to create whatever they want using base code from Capital One's GitHub or StackOverflow profiles. Additional sponsorship prizes would be awarded based on achievements like most innovative code, cleanest code, etc.

cap one - twitch2.png
cap one - twitch1.png

Streamers may even seek help in the Capital One Discord server, similar to the traditional game show “ask the audience” options. The streamers are just to help get viewership and participation, but this will be open to all streamers.

discord chat.jpg

Discord Server

Discord is an online community platform primarily used by gamers. By creating a Capital One Discord server, everyone can stay updated on Capital One technology and promote a community for technologists.

cap one - discord.png
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